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The book trailer below is my own hybrid work of music and performed writing.

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57 Octaves – The Official Recordings (2018):

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1. Silent ballpark 15. Duct tape
2. Batter 16. Bender
3. You want to know 17. You feel it too
4. Perfumery 18. A 4 oz. can of story
5. E♭ angel 19. An 8 oz. can of story
6. Right after this 20. Tilting
7. Joyride 21. Problems
8. Visiting privileges 22. You are the best audience we ever had
9. Orlenorpha 23. The story of their 67th
10. In their natural habitat 24. Returning them to the earth
11. Waltz in D♭ 25. Bright-Very
12. Movie 26. All I ask
13. Pumpkin harvest 27. Foot measure
14. On the wire, boys 28. Iseewhatyoumean

I feel fortunate to have my fiction and music released in this form. My harmonica pieces have grown from many years of good teaching by the extraordinary musician Don Mercer. The generous music professional Reed Turchi has helped with production. After I recorded (2013-2014 and 2016-2017) each fiction piece, I listened for the essence of the story’s voice; I then picked the key of harmonica that seemed right, and immediately played. I made these recordings using Audacity software, with assistance from my Roland MicroCube amplifier and Red Screamer and Audix i5 microphones. The harmonica interludes are first or second takes, improvisational responses to the music in the fiction, not deliberate compositions.

I hope 57 Octaves Below Middle C will bring you joy and, above all else, strange joy.

This recording is mine. I do not grant you the right to copy, distribute, or adapt any part of the material without my written permission.

The Fifth Station (MacMillan Chess Library) [Paperback]

Kevin McIlvoy


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